How do you feel about your voice right now?

Does it feel like a stranger's voice? Or are you hiding under the blankets, in silence?

The #30DaysWithaK challenge will help you build a writing practice that feels like home, and it will get your butt in the seat - writing every day.


Don't give up on your Voice until you've tried #30DaysWithaK:

Receive a prompt every day for the next month, to help you explore your Writing Practice and Purpose - while finding a comfortable way to build your voice into something you not only recognize, but also love and trust enough to share it with the world..

Build a Practice that feels like home.

  • Learn to make space in your world for writing,
  • Find the rhythms & routines that will help you find consistency,
  • Get to know your resistance, so you can defeat it,
  • Find what motivates you to keep going, when your pen gets heavy,
  • Add luxury and joy to your writing practice, and
  • Make it a practice: figure out how that'll all work in your life. Because that's where you'll be writing.
With 30 days of free-writing prompts, designed to help you create a regular habit that feels good and develops your skills, in the life you have already. You don't need to move to New York or Toronto.

There are only 3 rules, but they're hard to follow when you are in the thick of it. That's why you need 30 days to practice & some friends to help you remember.


Write Every Day

Commit to writing 3 pages or 5 minutes - every day. This will help you to develop a sense of practice.

It'll also banish that wild fear of the page we can get when we've been away for too long.

Show up. Every day.


NO Judgement

Practice letting your words pour out without any expectations or stakes attached to the outcome.

Relearn how to play with words without anyone ever knowing or caring how it turns out.

Protect your freedom to play.


Make Space for Fun

The key to a sustainable Writing Practice is to make it enjoyable for you to do it every day!

We'll focus on making the practice feel comfortable and FUN, while addressing some of the scary bits.

Celebrate your Voice.

Free-writing is about throwing words at the page, without any plan to publish or share them with anyone else.

It's a stream of consciousness word-barf practice that will really help you to stop judging yourself while you explore ideas. As such, it's really helpful in releasing the judgemental inner-critic voices we all have.

When practiced regularly, it will loosen your voice and teach you to trust the voice that comes out of your pen. It creates space in your life for you to practice creativity without purpose, build more fluid drafting skills, and figure out how to have a little fun.

You can practice everyday forever and always - or you can choose (like me) to dip into the practice every season or so to shake out the cobwebs.

Kris Windley

Kris is a writer, editor, illustrator, teacher, mother of two amazing young ladies - and enthusiastic cat-belly snuggler. A certified teacher, long-time blogger and experienced brand consultant, she writes about Writing, Business and Blogging...and sometimes about Changing the World.

How do you *want* to feel about your Voice?

Start building a practice that'll give you that loving feeling you want today!

A rising tide lifts all boats. Share the challenge with a friend, & do it together!