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By Kris Windley

Craft Your Voice | Writing Workshop | Copywriting Course | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

I enjoyed reading all of the submissions SO much.

I kind of wish I could just offer every one of you a free seat in the Craft Your Voice course that starts on Monday.

It was a happy/sad moment when I pulled the little winning folded-up paper from the pile, because I truly was moved by the number of you who took the time (and stood up to your writing gremlins) to write about how important writing is to your business.

I decided, in that moment (because I’m the boss, so I can!), that I would have to offer something special to all of the women who stuck their necks – and pens – out to join the blog-hop.

I love being the boss sometimes.

So no matter what happens with the draw, every awesome lady on the following list can do 2 things today:

  1. Add a With a K: Writing Services featured-on badge to her sidebar – because social proof is awesome, and
  2. Email me today to get a 50$ coupon code that can be used toward any consulting or coaching sessions With a K that are currently available.

Check out the lovely BizKittens who participated and their posts.

Ola was inspired by the others to actually start her blog!

I’m so excited by this, Ola; thank you for creating this platform for yourself and sharing your voice.

Read Ola’s first post here.

Angela overcame some serious writing-resistance.

Don’t ever let someone (especially someone tasked with fostering your education) tell you that you simply can’t. I can’t wait to help you realize the error in that professor’s judgement, Angela!

Read Angela’s post here.

Trish looked at how writing and truly connecting with her readers feels for her.

I’m so *proud* of Trish! She found the most genuine connection lately to her readers, and I love her message so much. We all need to hear it.

Read her post here.

Kady’s adorable blog sparkles with her personality.

Her design aesthetic is so sweet! I imagine her Voice growing alongside those visuals to create a wonderful place to visit for her readers.

Read her post here.

Cinzia’s Voice is rich and lively already.

And she has loved using it her whole life in her native language – Italian! *sigh* She struggles, though you wouldn’t know it from her finished posts, to get it out in English. I think she’s rockin’ it so far.

Read her post here.

Haydee shares her absolute love for writing.

She explores how personal her connection with the written word is, and I totally get it. It feels good to explore and play with words; it’s a powerful, powerful thing.

Read her post here.

My girl, Richelle, wrote about how using the Writing Process (finally) has changed her writing.

She’s a hella-great writer already, but Red tried using the Design Your Process course (after my insistent nagging got to be too much for her) 😉 Spoilers: she totally digs it.

Read her post here.

Cara wrote – on her adorable blog – about how storytelling shows up in all aspects of her business.

She’s got such a great style, and you’ll see her fun nature in her posts too. Cara’s storytelling is as fun and sweet as the lady herself.

Read her post here.

Amanda Sue wrote about how her connection to her sister helped her to find her own Voice.

I love how Amanda found a way to remind herself what her genuine Voice should sound like in a relationship she trusts to be truly genuine and fun: her relationship with her own sister.


Read her post here.

And finally, the winner of the 2015 Craft Your Voice Scholarship is…

Emily wrote about finding her “Why” before she could find her Voice.

She is a girl after my own heart, as you know how important the concept of finding your Great Big Why is to everything that I do with clients – and my own business.

Emily has the feeling of her Great Big Why figured out, and she knows how important it is to convey that to her customers…and now she’s going to be able to!



I’m so happy to be able to extend the invitation to Emily to join the Craft Your Voice workshop this year and learn how to really convey that message well, using specific skills and techniques that all effective writers use.

I’m pumped!

Read her post here.

If you haven’t signed up for Craft Your Voice yet, you still have time!

Check out the course information here, if you have ever struggled with getting your thoughts on paper, or if you want to hone your skills and make your Voice as effective and genuine as possible.

I’m really proud of the syllabus I’ve put together, and I can’t wait to get in there and get started. The group I see gathering is already a group I’m SO proud to be a part of. You ladies are going to have a great time getting to know each other over the next month and a half, and I’m going to love every second of it too!

If you have any questions about the course still, I’m going to host a Google Hangout on Thursday.

You can watch it live from my Facebook page, and ask questions as comments on the pinned post there, or you can show up in the G+ hangout, itself.

I have never felt more proud of something I’ve created myself (except maybe my two kids), and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Let’s get ready to Craft our Voices together, shall we?


Kris With a K | Writing Coach


Kris is a writer, editor, illustrator, teacher, mother of two amazing young ladies - and enthusiastic cat-belly snuggler. A certified teacher, long-time blogger and experienced brand consultant, she writes about Writing, Business and Blogging...and sometimes about Changing the World.


  1. So excited! Ladies, thank you so much for the well wishes, I loved reading your posts. Kris, thanks again for the opportunity, I’ve got my notebook and pen ready to go. Can’t wait to get started!

  2. Emily! Congratulations! Enjoy. And do please post in your blog about your adventures in this new class.

    Kris, you are so generous. Thank you gazillions for your kind words (and coupon!) I know this new class will be incredibly beneficial to participants, becuase the seven-day Writing Process Challenge certainly was.

    Thanks again Kris. Best wishes, everyone.

  3. Yay, Emily! You are one fortunate lady!

    Congrats to you too, Kris! This and all of your VIP courses NEED to be on! You are doing an amazing service and it’s presented so well! Top notch job, K!

    I WILL be in the front row of your Creative Live course!! ♡


    • Aw Nancy!
      If I ever get on that stage, you can stand up and shout, “I told you so!” to the world. It’s definitely on my list of success benchmarks.

  4. Oooooohhhh congratulations!!! Emily that is awesome!

    I need to make rounds and read everyone’s posts! I’ve been drowning in planning and homework here lol.

  5. Yay Emily!! And yay Kris!! Great job on your ultra fab mini-course and super rad blog party! And thank you for very gently nudging me to do the right thing. Those videos were hella persuasive.


    • You are SO welcome, Trish!
      Sometimes she’s a good boss…other times, she forgets about holidays and doesn’t always set reasonable expectations – BUT that’s what you get when you work for a kooky writer, right? 😉

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