Thursday Extras | Why I’m Flying all the Way to San Francisco to Learn How to Create and Sell Digital Products

By Kris Windley

With a K Writing Services | Why I'm learning about creating and selling Digital Products - and why you should too | Kris Windley | Writing Coach

It’s not only to escape the cold…although that’s a nice side effect.

I’ll be heading to San Francisco on November 9th, to be a studio member in a live-broadcasted Creative Live class on creating and selling digital products, and it’s going to be a game changer.

I am beyond excited to let you all in on this amazing new adventure, and I want to share some of the reasons I have for learning about this great way to create new revenue in my business AND offer more value to more people.

I’m pumped!

Ok! So you remember April Bowles Olin, right?

She taught a class at Creative Live last year about Building a Successful Blog, and I really loved it! She changed the way I looked at Keyboards and Kickstands, and opened up a world of community and support I couldn’t have dreamed of before the class.

I immediately attacked her blog and read every single thing I could. She’s a wealth of information, and has become a real mentor for me. Internet girl-crush!

Then, I got the chance to be a part of April’s and Mayi Carles’ Connecting the Gaps: Busy to Happy course this summer, and it ramped up that community even more – and helped me to make some enormous shifts in the way I deal with my time.

They are adorable and brilliant and clever and supportive and…

Now April is giving another course at Creative Live, and I was accepted to be a studio member!


I’m really excited to join a whole pile of awesome women I’ve gotten to know over the past 6 months or so, in a city I have long wanted to explore. I’m also really excited to learn more about building and selling digital products while I’m there.

Why Digital?

There are 3 reasons I have for exploring digital product creation, and I urge you to think about them too when you are putting together product workflows and revenue stream plans (because I know you all are doing that, right?)…(seriously, you should be doing that)…(I’ll write a series on it soon, ok?).

They make money – in a scalable way.

We could pretend that we aren’t worried about money, but we’re in business. We have greater plans than the bottom line. I talked about that a few weeks ago, but those plans – and our groceries – tend to depend on the bottom line being a-ok.

Creating digital products that can be purchased in an automated fashion on multiple platforms and reinforce your main business and ethical focus? It just makes sense as an added revenue stream and will only underline your expertise in your field.


I’m a creative person. Most of we, the crazy entrepreneur breed of humans, tend to be. That means that we have a multitude of ideas that we want to explore…and never ever enough time to do it or motivation for follow through.

It’s exciting to create a project – to see it start and finish within a manageable amount of time. Creating a specific product on a scale that feels manageable means that we can feel that excitement of a new project and hold on to that excitement throughout the process.

Writing a series of bite-sized workbooks instead of a giant textbook-opus, containing the entirety of my writing-coach process? Far more doable, and far less overwhelming.

I’m positive that creating these pieces – one at a time – will feel far more manageable and give me far more feedback and response, so I’ll be more motivated to keep creating more.

Levels of Service

This is by far the most exciting part of the whole digital product idea for me.

You guys know that I am pretty driven to help women find their own voices and share them confidently. I wrote a post about my motivation a little while ago, and the response I got from it was simply overwhelming (I think my readers are some of the sweetest people on the internet).

The fact is that the integrity of our brands are dependent on the effectiveness of our websites. Most people won’t make a purchase until they have checked out the business online first, and many won’t purchase anything until they have really gotten to know a brand online over a period of months.

We know that our site is key, but most women in business aren’t ready to invest in the cost of good copy for their websites, but I know you all have great stories to share and amazing advice and expertise your audiences want to hear. You just don’t know how to put it together in the most effective and manageable way. It’s overwhelming and stressful – and often ends up not making the impact you need it to.

If I want you to find that Voice and share it with your people (I do), and you can’t afford to pay me to write your website and blog for you, I have to find another way to help you, don’t I?

Yes I do.

I also have this other piece of me I need to express just as much as my writer-self and that’s my background as a teacher. I taught High School English and then spent 4 years teaching literacy skills and developing a writing curriculum at a private school for students with Learning Disabilities, and though it was exhausting, I miss it a lot.

I joke that teaching is a hereditary illness: both of my parents and my sister are all teachers, so I can’t help it.

So I’ve been offering one-on-one consulting and coaching services for clients who have expressed interest in telling their own stories, and I’ve really really loved it. I get to do all of the things I love most and help women to share their beautiful stories in their own voices – and it makes me SO HAPPY!!!

I’ve started creating digital workbooks and worksheets for those clients to use while we work together, and they’ve been really helpful and fun, so I started thinking about how I could format those workbooks to help even more people.

I know there are people out there who aren’t ready for the investment of one-on-one consulting, but they want to work with me on their writing and marketing skills. I’m sure I can create some fantastic material that will be engaging and fun and above all helpful for you all.

My whole writer/teacher/creative self is really excited about learning how to do that in the very best way, from an expert in the field, and I can’t wait until I can announce to all of you that my first digital workbook (Using the Writing Process to tell your Story – One Bite at a Time) is ready.

Double Squeeeeeeee!

It’s clear that creating digital products makes sense.

Financially, creatively and from the point of view of a service-centred business, it only makes sense. I encourage all of you to think about what kind of digital product your favourite clients could really benefit from. I guarantee there is something you can offer.

You can join us in learning all about the process – even if you can’t make it to San Francisco

Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE.

This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour. Check out some other posts about digital products and about some of the other students heading to California in a few short weeks over on April’s blog: Blacksburg Belle.

You’ll find links in the comments, and on her Facebook page. There are SO many great people involved in this course, and a lot of great insight and openness in the community April has created. I am so happy to be a part of it all, and I can’t wait to share more of it with you.

I’ll be back with Tuesday Tips again next week. In the meantime, share in the comments below what kind of digital product you might like to create for your audience.





Kris is a writer, editor, illustrator, teacher, mother of two amazing young ladies - and enthusiastic cat-belly snuggler. A certified teacher, long-time blogger and experienced brand consultant, she writes about Writing, Business and Blogging...and sometimes about Changing the World.


  1. Hi Kris. I’m part of April’s blog tour; glad to have found your site and connect with fellow bloggers. As a designer and now food photographer/blogger I can totally relate to your creative drive, with more ideas than time. I think that keeps life engaging and interesting. Good luck with your blog and digital products!

    • Hi Matt!! Congratulations to you for being the first guy to comment here, at Keyboards and Kickstands! I’m so happy you came! It is super fun seeing other creatives who just can’t create fast enough 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous for you – not only do you get to meet April, but you get to go to warm and sunny California as well! Lucky you! I bet after this, your new workbooks are going to sell like hotcakes! Can’t wait to participate with you.

    • That warm sun will definitely be a highlight, Renay. The weather man is talking about a BLIZZARD here this Sunday! I’m not happy about that – not one bit. See you in the chat!

  3. You are SO right about her awesome community…it’s so funny, I can read through her comment section now, and half of it is women I’ve interacted with on her other blog hops, or in the CL chat room. And you are SOOOOOOOO lucky to be going in person!!!! That sounds super, super fun. I’ve only been in CA to switch flights for an international, but other than that, I’ve never been…

    BTW, I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I love your site. I love how you throw colored text in there, but it’s not tooooo much, and omg the white space….awesoooommmeee. Wait, is that weird that I just said that? About the white space I mean, roflol.

    • Hahahahah! Is it weird that I was like, “I love white spaaaace!” when I read it? These are the things we start to really notice, right?

      Thank you so much though. I have 4 colours I allow myself, because I LOVE colour, but I know it can be nauseating if there are too many all jumbled up in one spot. I’m really glad that it’s not too much 🙂


  4. Eeeeek, you’re going to San Francisco!! Awesome!! And it’s so funny, I was just commenting to April how great the community is, that she built! It’s pretty fab, right! You’ve got some pretty compelling reasons for teaching the info you teach, it is pretty important to have good copy for our professional blogs! 😀 Can’t wait to hear all about your trip, I think yours will be the first one I visit after the class!

    • Right?! April is a great connector. My blog and my business have done a total 180 since I found her on her first Creative Live course. I can’t wait to share some Super-hugs with the other Supers who will be there – and April too. I’m also pretty pumped about sharing some great copywriting tips when the course is done and I have my first workbook ready to go.

  5. I am so excited for you to be in April’s studio audience! What a great experience you will have in California. It will be fun to see you the audience. I can’t wait to watch everyone shine! Have a great trip! 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy! I’m hoping I don’t trip and land on my face while I’m shining away, but if I do it’ll be funny – so that’s ok 😉 It’s definitely going to be fun; I hope you can join us in the chatroom!

  6. I’m totally jealous that you are going to be in the live audience!I had to give up my seat but am committed to diving in head first from home. My reasons are 100% the same as yours and Im totally excited and ready to put everything we learn from April into action. So glad I found you via the blog tour. I will be following you and cheering you on. I am probably in need of your digital products myself!

    • I hope to hear from you in the chat room, Emily! I almost didn’t take my seat, but got a little bit of just-do-it-ed-ness from a friend to take the trip to my provincial capital to update my passport and get ready to hit the road. I’m excited, and I’m super happy you will come back to Keyboards and Kickstands! I love finding new biz-kittens to join our community.

  7. Squeeeeeee! is right! I’m so excited for you. (And more than a wee bit envious!) You will be a fabulous audience member! I will be watching closely throughout the course and can’t wait to see what your amazing group comes up with April’s lead! I also love your emphasis on storytelling. Although I work more with visuals, I think sharing somebody’s story is so essential. Your talent and hard work will go a long way to help even more people as you add your digital products. Your blog, and business, will undoubtedly keep growing and help others do the same! Enjoy the trip and wave from the set!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

    • Don’t watch too close, Michael! I’m sure to trip or sneeze or some other silly, embarrassing thing. Visual storytelling is SUPER cool too, and tends to follow the same lines – just through a different medium. We’re all storytellers 🙂 I’ll wave a BUNCH of times from the set, and I hope we hear from you in the chat room!

  8. Visiting San Francisco, attending the studio at Creative Live, meeting April in person, meeting other “Supers in person…..

    Could life get any better???

    I am excited for you AND I am excited to be able to see it all “live” in the comfort of my living room 🙂 (Yes, I know, life CAN get better. After all, you’ll be creating and selling digital products! )

    • It’s going to be SUPER 🙂 We’ll be looking for you in the chat room, and a teensy bit jealous about the pyjama-wearing situation you’ll be in 😉


  9. Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay! Did I say YAY yet? I’m so excited about the women who are going to be in the studio audience! You gals are the bees knees times one million and fifty-seven. I’m also crazy ecstatic about this course because I know the impact that selling digital products can have on you revenue stream, freedom and business success. We’re gonna have so much fun!

  10. Gosh, how much do I wish I was going to be there in SF to make lots of new buddies and get in on the live fun. Sadly, I’ll be an ocean and a continent away in the UK looking after my kiddlywinks. I’ll be on the other end of the computer (at a time compatible with my time zone) and so there in spirit. And, it’s so important to help women find their voices. Having been to the same college as Virginia Woolf (clearly not at the same time) I’m a strong believer in women speaking for themselves….

    • You are absolutely right, Lucy! I love Woolf’s work, and have a segment on this blog called “Room of Her Own” based on her idea that every woman needs a room of her own for creative pursuits – a place of independence and autonomy. I love talking about home offices and studios that make women feel alive and creative.

      Funny that a lit student takes that one specific thing away from someone like Virginia Woolf, but there is so much in making your own space and allowing your pursuits to be important enough that they take up physical space in your life too.


  11. I love this post, especially the bit about teaching being an hereditary illness 🙂 There is nothing quite so rewarding as passing on a skill to someone and seeing their face light up with that thrill of achievement. And we all know that April is a great teacher, so I just know you are going to have an amazing time being on the course with her!

  12. Great post and I’m really starting to think a lot more about creating digital products already! I’m really excited about the upcoming course as I was so inspired by April’s blogging course. Enjoy being part of it and exploring San Fran too!

    • I sure will, Katie! And I’m sure you can look forward to some posts on here about the process of creating my first digital product, once it’s launched and I’ve learned a bunch o’ lessons 🙂

  13. Girl, You CAN write, that’s for sure! Your post is great! I can’t wait to see what you come up with and “see” you in San Francisco! ♡

    • Thanks Mama! I really do love writing, but I love teaching too. This makes a great combination of my two favourite ways to serve people. I can’t wait to share it with you Super-Nancy!


  14. Yay! Great idea, K-Dub! I am super pumped about this course! And meeting the Supers in real life. Going to be so great!

    Much success to you in your new endeavor!!

    PS: i am an experience SF traveller and happy to give tips or show you some sights (:

    • Absolutely!! I will be in San Francisco for one Tuesday Tips, so there will be something about the adventure coming to you direct from Adventure-land 😉


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