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My name's Kris.

I'm a Developmental Editor for people with important things to say (yes that's you).

And I want to help you to build a Business & a Brand Voice that will help you say those things & affect the lives of people you care about most.

Kris Windley - professional copywriter and consultant

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Get to know your favourite customers & map out the paths they're travelling

Define what they are *really* looking for & the barriers they face while they search for it

Recognize the unique relationship you can have with them & how you can help in a uniquely You kinda way

Discover what message you need to share with your customers, team and supporters to keep them moving

Imagine the world your business can create for them - and for you

Get clear on the words, stories & conversations you should be using - to share your message and make your impact

Amanda Creek Headshot

Amanda Creek

CEO, Amanda Creek Creative

"Kris is my go-to copy person. I send all of my clients to her for Brand-Voice work before we start design, because it gives clarity for them and for me!"

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