Your first step should be your brand voice

Your Voice & Message inform the tone & feeling of your customer's whole journey with you.

Your Brand Message is the Connection

Between you and your favourite customers - and between the life they want and the one they have.

Genuine Connection

The connections you make should be based on a real, human relationship between you and those you serve.

Unique Personality

Not a fill-in-the-blanks template or stock image-ridden site - your personality drives your brand.

Small Business

Your strength lies in your smallness. It showcases  your humanity and commitment to your purpose.

Big Impact

And that integrity to serve alongside the values you believe in can create BIG change in the world you love.


Who's behind the "With a K" brand?

That'll be me - Kris Windley. I'm a writer, teacher, former park-ranger, single-mama and unabashed cat lady.

I help women who have important things to say (yes that's you), to say them in a genuine and effective way - so they can make a Big Impact on the world they love.

Because your Voice is legitimate, your Message is important, and the World needs to hear it.

bonnie headshot

Bonnie Lecat

Owner: Bonnie Lecat Designs

"Kris is the best! Her writing skill, business savvy, technical knowledge, creativity, and fun loving spirit makes her a joy to work with.

I was always hesitant to hire a writer because I didn't really know what to ask for or what I really needed. Kris' easy process took care of all of that. 

Meeting with Kris and discussing my business and my goals allowed her to get to know me and my business so well that she could help me to give my brand a unique "voice" that is truly my own.

My only complaint about Kris is that she lives too far away to invite over for a glass of wine or a cup of tea!"

Bonnie Lecat Designs

I want to help you to create your Brand World

So you can share your Brand Voice in an Effective and Genuine way, that'll change the world you love.

Commission Custom Illustrations

Want unique and custom illustrations for your brand or project that will support the personality, values and voice of your business?

I can't wait to work with you to create a logo, some adorably branded, hand-drawn elements and an overall style guide - to bring your personality into the Brand World you want to create for your favourite customers.

Limited spots available. Set up a coffee date now to reserve yours.

Hire a Writing Coach

Work with me - one-on-one - to hone your Purpose, develop your Practice and wrestle your latest writing project into existence

You decide how often we meet, and what role you need me to take: editor, mentor, deadline enforcer, comforting teacher, partner in crime - you name it.

I will bring my years of experience and training to your project and writerly life.

Brew the coffee, and make space in your calendar.

Build a Branding Package

Work with me - one-on-one - to find and develop your Brand Message.

You can choose a package to fit your needs, including just the foundations of your brand message, the complete copy portfolio for your website, or a combination of both Copy-Development and hand-drawn Visual elements to bring your Brand World to life and share it with the people you love to help.

Set up a coffee date now, so we can chat about what you need.

Or join the Brand Voice Challenge to start building your world today

Get to know your favourite customers & map out the paths they're travelling

Define what they are *really* looking for & the barriers they face while they search for it

Recognize the unique relationship you can have with them & how you can help in a uniquely You kinda way

Discover what message you need to share with your customers, team and supporters to keep them moving

Imagine the world your business can create for them - and for you

Get clear on the words, stories & conversations you should be using - to share your message and make your impact