Hi! I'm thrilled you found your way here.

I'm having an absolutely fantastic time at Creative Live with April & all of the other studio audience members & we're learning a TON of stuff.

If you don't already know me, I'm all about helping women in business to find, embrace & develop their writing Voice so that they can share it with confidence.

I really believe that every person has an important message, a beautiful story & a legitimate Voice.

And I can't wait to hear the roar of all of those Voices, sharing all of those stories with the world.

Let's get to it. It's time to grab the mic, kitten.

What does your Voice sound like?

Right now, I'm working with people in 2 specific ways:

I'm creating a 30 Day Challenge to help you trust your Voice & fight off your writing gremlins for good…

And it's ready now! Sign up here & start finding your Voice today.

If you want to hang out & get to know me & my brand, you can explore this site & my favourite social platforms too.

I love Instagram! You can find me here (@WriteWithaK) to see my notebook doodles, illustrations & behind the scenes fun.

If you want to check out some of my latest blog posts, here are a few:


The Joy of Writing: Find it in these three places to use on a rainy day.

Scene: you’re at your desk, hands dancing over the keys. Click clack clickity clackity click clack – swish. Now, layer that satisfying typewriter sound with a movie soundtrack in a major key – both invigorating and also somehow relaxing. The victory song – the joy of writing. There’s steam dancing from a coffee cup that…
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Writing Resistance and the great tiger hunt of Creativity and ADHD

Writing Resistance: The War of Art, or an Emotional Tiger Hunt?

Four rules to help you avoid Writing Resistance (and tiger bites) even when you're stressed.
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True Motivation does not come from guilt or shame - like...ever.

Intrinsic Writing Motivation isn’t built on guilt or shame.

Writing motivation comes in two forms. One works better than the other, but they’re both important - and neither should hurt.
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Why you shouldn’t write King Lear right now, and what to do instead.

Oh there’s that meme again. You know the one about Shakespeare writing King Lear during the plague, or whatever. Or the other one saying that you never lacked “time” but rather you lack “discipline” unless you create or learn or complete some amazing life-goal right now. Maybe it’s a stream of pictures of *perfectly baked*…
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“Just Start,” is the worst advice I’ve ever heard…or given.

I think those two words have hurt me more than my three worst ex-boyfriends…combined! Not because it’s bad advice to tell a person to just start the things they want to create. But because productivity for productivity’s sake – sucks. “Just Start!” is great advice if the problem you’re having is that you have a…
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Check out what I'd put in a Writers' Box this Spring

If I had a Writers’ Sub Box for #30DaysWithaK today, what would I put in it?

One of the key elements of a rich Writing Practice is the act of purposefully adding a sense joy & luxury to it. That doesn’t mean that you have to scream-laugh while you draft a blog post – or purchase a solid gold desktop to hide behind. But it does mean that we can find…
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