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Something about needing help

Also - change the illustration and add a blurb describing the Before

Limiting belief about asking for help

Empowering message - something something important, vital, legitimate - we don’t need someone to save us - just help us build the tools to save ourselves...and the rest of the world.



This is about who you are, who you are talking to, and why they need to hear your message.

It is your North Star - guiding your direction and choices. And it will keep you going when your Voice cracks, or a heckler interrupts, or the stage under your feet quakes.



Your Practice is what you do every day (on purpose) as a writer - to keep your Voice clear and developing, and ready to shout, or cry, or sing.

This is how you build the muscle, the deep breathing and the range of your Voice. Do not skip this.



Every good Writing Process has the same basic components - but no two writers have exactly the same Process.

Because we need to make it work for us, and the way we think, so that when we arrive at the page, we feel in control.


Let me Help you Make that Plan.

I'm Kris Windley - founder, owner & head bottle-washer of With a K Writing Services, and CEO of Good Press Media.

I help people with important things to say (Yes, that's you) to create platforms, build businesses, write stories and engage communities - to change the world.

Because we have that kind of power in our Voices - and we can't afford to not use it.

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Bonnie Lecat

Owner: Bonnie Lecat Designs

"Kris is the best! Her writing skill, business savvy, technical knowledge, creativity, and fun loving spirit makes her a joy to work with.

I was always hesitant to hire a writer because I didn't really know what to ask for or what I really needed. Kris' easy process took care of all of that. 

Meeting with Kris and discussing my business and my goals allowed her to get to know me and my business so well that she could help me to give my brand a unique "voice" that is truly my own.

My only complaint about Kris is that she lives too far away to invite over for a glass of wine or a cup of tea!"

Bonnie Lecat Designs

Julie Miller

Founder, Owner: Little Girls’ Pearls

Katie Meyers

Actress, Photographer, & Doer of Difficult Sh*t at Calming Creative.


Calming Creative

Sarah Shotts Testimonial

Sarah Shotts

Author, Professor, Artist

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

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I want to help you Change the world

And I know that I can, because I have the experience, talent and skills to help make your next project into the most powerful agent for change possible;.

Writing Coach

Want unique and custom illustrations for your brand or project that will support the personality, values and voice of your business?

I can't wait to work with you to create a logo, some adorably branded, hand-drawn elements and an overall style guide - to bring your personality into the Brand World you want to create for your favourite customers.

Limited spots available. Set up a coffee date now to reserve yours.

Branding Consultant

Work with me - one-on-one - to hone your Purpose, develop your Practice and wrestle your latest writing project into existence

You decide how often we meet, and what role you need me to take: editor, mentor, deadline enforcer, comforting teacher, partner in crime - you name it.

I will bring my years of experience and training to your project and writerly life.

Brew the coffee, and make space in your calendar.

Project Management

Work with me - one-on-one - to find and develop your Brand Message.

You can choose a package to fit your needs, including just the foundations of your brand message, the complete copy portfolio for your website, or a combination of both Copy-Development and hand-drawn Visual elements to bring your Brand World to life and share it with the people you love to help.

Set up a coffee date now, so we can chat about what you need.

Join the Brand Voice Challenge

Don’t give up. Don’t Shut up. Make those waves! Even though it’s hard, you can do it. Your voice is legitimate. Your message is important, and you can share it to change the world.

  • Education

    Bachelors’ Degree: English Literature and Communications, with a minor in Canadian and World History.

    Education Bachelors’ Degree: Special interest In Literacy, Social Studies and the Psychology of Learning.

  • Teaching Experience

    High School English Teacher

    Writing Curriculum Developer: Riverbend Community School

    Literacy and Writing Teacher for students of all ages with Learning Disabilities

    University Lecturer on Literary Theory and Writing Process

    Guest Expert on Writing at Creative Live

    Workshop leader for Etsy Maker Cities

  • Writing

    Seven years of concentrated academic research and writing.

    Professional curriculum and lesson plan developer and writer - for online and classroom learning.

    Locally published in creative non-fiction and op-ed articles and columns.

    Featured columnist on communications, special interest writing and brand development.

    Freelance developmental and line editor for academic theses.

    Freelance copywriter and developmental editor for commercial and private projects for both print and online.

    Someday writer of the next Great Canadian Novel...maybe 😉

  • Marketing & Branding

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I write about Writing, Being a human and Doing Difficult Sh*t in a Difficult World - and I use silly illustrations to make it all seem easier...sometimes, it works.

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