White, blank page making you crazy? Grab a cuppa and take a breather.

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Everything that I do is about helping you to find, trust & share your own voice

NOT about me writing everything for you in my own,

And I have a lot of reasons for doing that, instead of writing everything for you.

  • It's genuine

    When you trust and share your own voice - on your blog, in your business, & in your creative life - there's a genuine quality to it that can't be outsourced.

  • It's effective

    Your real voice - the one that is in your own head right now? That's the most effective way to communicate with the people you care about: your readers, customers - even your friends and family.

Kris Windley is a professional writer, teacher, illustrator and blogger
  • It's actually pretty fun!

    Once you learn some creativity boosting tricks, surround yourself with other folks who write and start to Trust your Voice - you can actually have some fun with it!


Oh yeah! Let me introduce myself!

I'm Kris Windley - founder, owner & bottle-washer in chief.

I help people with important things to say (Yes, that's you) to create platforms, build businesses, write stories and engage communities - to change the world.

Because we have that kind of power in our Voices - and we can't afford to not use it.

I want to help, If you're a Blogger or Creative Entrepreneur

There are 3 things I love to help people like you to conquer



I'm a developmental editor, copy-writer and consultant for writing projects of all sizes.

Get in touch to see how we can work together on your next project or develop a learning plan to help you find your Voice.



I love to help Bloggers to find the right overall style, tone and message for their blog.

We can create an editorial calendar to suit your life and your readers' taste, while we develop your Voice and style over time.



I help creative entrepreneurs & world changers develop a brand message to support their work and sell their products & services.

Let's make your website a powerful engine for your business & mission.

Check out my latest blog posts

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It’s that horrible feeling when you sit down to write. & instead of feeling a creative flow, you sit paralyzed, staring at your computer screen & seething at the injustice of your creative life. Everybody who’s tried communicating with words has felt it: a paralyzing barrier between the idea you want to share & the ability to actually Get. It. Out! I’ve felt it too. Sometimes I got over it & hammered out the piece I was working on – resistance be damned –  & sometimes I was beaten by it. I’ve sat staring at a blank page in a notebook, an empty blog post screen or…

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A few weeks ago, I went on the trip of a lifetime. I didn’t go on rides at Disneyland or see a Broadway show in New York City, & I didn’t go to Scotland to search for a family castle either. Sup, Clan MacLeod! I went to San Francisco; it wasn’t even my first trip there, but it was a one of a kind trip to say the least. I was invited by my friend & mentor – April Bowles Olin from Blacksburg Belle – to be a guest instructor on her latest Creative Live course, “Double your Followers with Creative Marketing“. The last few…

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