White, blank page stressing you out?

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is Really Hard!

In Business, Writing, and living in spaces filled with people you want to reach and connect with.

It’s a hammering pulse in your ears when it’s your turn to speak - or a hot flush of frustration when your words don’t reach your audience.

And there’s so much at stake. Misunderstandings in business or in your professional writing are tremendously difficult. The space between that amazing idea or complete thought you’re holding in your mind - and the world of reality and...other people. It feels like a vast gulf sometimes.

Plus! As a woman? Or Any person living in a marginalized identity - we are asked...no, not asked...we are told to be quiet and nice and well-behaved, lest we take up too much space.

Give up. Shut up. Don’t Make Waves. It feels...hopeless, and exhausting, and impossible.

Don’t give up. Don’t Shut up. Make those waves! Even though it’s hard, you can do it. Your voice is legitimate. Your message is important, and you can share it to change the world.

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I write about Writing, Being a human and Doing Difficult Sh*t in a Difficult World - and I use silly illustrations to make it all seem easier...sometimes, it works.

I won't sell your stuff or send you SPAM, because I'm not a jerk & I hate confrontation.

I’ve been writing - and teaching writing - for close to 20 years, and I’ve discovered that there are five foundations you need to build to be a truly effective writer.



This is about who you are, who you are talking to, and why they need to hear your message.

It is your North Star - guiding your direction and choices. And it will keep you going when your Voice cracks, or a heckler interrupts, or the stage under your feet quakes.



Your Practice is what you do every day (on purpose) as a writer - to keep your Voice clear and developing, and ready to shout, or cry, or sing.

This is how you build the muscle, the deep breathing and the range of your Voice. Do not skip this.



Every good Writing Process has the same basic components - but no two writers have exactly the same Process.

Because we need to make it work for us, and the way we think, so that when we arrive at the page, we feel in control.



So, now that you have a Voice that’s ready to burst out of you, and you’ve developed a Process to get from idea to a finished thing, what are you going to work on? And who do you need to talk to to help you with it? And which one of these ideas should you even start with?!

And and and...

Project Management is not sexy, but it’s necessary.



You need a place where your people can find you - a place from which your Voice can carry to those people who want and need to hear it, and a place you can invite other Voices to join yours.

Your Platform can be a soapbox on the street corner, an auditorium with velvet seats and cigars - or a pirate radio microphone with world-wide reach.

Build the right one for you.

Those 5 foundations all need something constant in the background - a clear and flexible plan that will work for you, your Creative Partners and Priorities, and the Purpose you serve.


Let me Help you Make that Plan.

I'm Kris Windley - founder, owner & head bottle-washer of With a K Writing Services, and CEO of Good Press Media.

I help people with important things to say (Yes, that's you) to create platforms, build businesses, write stories and engage communities - to change the world.

Because we have that kind of power in our Voices - and we can't afford to not use it.

Everything that I do is about helping you to find, trust & share *YOUR* voice.

I have a lot of reasons for doing that, instead of simply writing everything for you.

  • It's genuine

    When you trust and share your own voice - on your blog, in your business, & in your creative life - there's a genuine quality to it that can't be outsourced. The people you are talking to will hear it & value it.

  • It's effective

    Your real voice - the one that is in your own head right now? That's the most effective way to communicate with the people you care about: your readers, customers - even your friends and family.

  • It's good for you & the world

    Learning to take up space in the world and expressing your Work & Voice well? It's unbelievably good for you as a human being. And hearing genuine & varied Voices in every part of our communities is necessary for our world to grow & become better for everyone.

  • It's actually pretty fun!

    Once you build your practice, learn some creativity boosting tricks, & start to trust your own Voice - you can actually have some fun with it!

I've been proud to have been a part of some really exciting projects over the years

Etsy Maker Cities

Brand World Workshop facilitator

Life is Messy Cookbook

Copywriter and Line Editor

She Owns It

Contributing Columnist

Creative Live

Guest Speaker: Design Your Writing Process

Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Featured Female Entrepreneur

I’m thrilled that I get to spend my days working with a lot of amazing women, who are doing amazing things in the world.

bonnie headshot

Bonnie Lecat

Owner: Bonnie Lecat Designs

"Kris is the best! Her writing skill, business savvy, technical knowledge, creativity, and fun loving spirit makes her a joy to work with.

I was always hesitant to hire a writer because I didn't really know what to ask for or what I really needed. Kris' easy process took care of all of that. 

Meeting with Kris and discussing my business and my goals allowed her to get to know me and my business so well that she could help me to give my brand a unique "voice" that is truly my own.

My only complaint about Kris is that she lives too far away to invite over for a glass of wine or a cup of tea!"

Bonnie Lecat Designs

Julie Miller

Founder, Owner: Little Girls’ Pearls

Katie Meyers

Actress, Photographer, & Doer of Difficult Sh*t at Calming Creative.
Sarah Shotts Testimonial

Sarah Shotts

Author, Professor, Artist

And I want to work with you!

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Speaking & Workshops

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I mean teach.

Learning Together

I look forward to a time when we can all get together again to learn & create in one space.

As soon as it is safe and feasible, I will open up availability for Speaking and Workshop bookings again.

Until then, stay safe!

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