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Tuesday Tips | 5 Steps I’m Taking toward My Dream Website

I have a Brand Story for my Website (or I’m working on it). Now What? Renovations are never easy. It’s a messy process, with plaster dust everywhere and piles of tools – but there’s always the hope of a beautiful home at the end, right? …RIGHT?! If you’ve been to my Home page, you’ve seen…

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Why am I so obsessed with YOUR Voice?

Bailey taught me how finding your genuine voice is the most important thing - not the voice that others want you to have.

I want to tell you a story. It’s not my story, but it kind of still really is my story. Let me explain. In the most intimate ways, this story belongs to someone else; it has been her life and her stubborn brilliance that made these things happen. But! I’ve been walking along beside her life for…

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