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What a question!

It’s one that I was asked in one of my writing classes in University, and it’s one I’ve asked all of you to answer too.

But it’s not easy.

Particularly for those of us who choose to do it, regardless of its merit as a Marketing tactic: the fools or the scholars – depending on your stance on writing as a pastime.

It’s a great exercise though, and I haven’t thought about it in a while. I mean…I think about what I should be writing All. The. Time. And my Great Big Why is really clear to me, but I haven’t let my mind dig into the reasons I still put words together on the page and set them loose to dance.

It feels like it’s time to explore it again.

The first time I addressed this question, it was a free-writing exercise: a brainstorm in sentence form. At the beginning of class, we were all asked to pull out a handful of empty pages and a pen and answer the question on the board as a brainstorm. No rules. No editing. No big deal.

After we spent 2 or 3 minutes writing and thinking about our motivations, a few of us were asked to share our work with the rest of the group. This is a typical thing to do in a healthy Writers’ Workshop – to encourage confidence and to help learn how to be receptive to others’ criticism and advice.

The responses were lovely.

There were lists of career-related reasons to have effective writing skills, and there were lists of reasons more related to glory and fame…

And there were lists – like mine – that included both.

My reasons for writing have changed somewhat over the years, but they remain rooted in the same need I have to connect to others, the same hope for understanding and recognition of a shared world.

…and moments of awkward humour about Canadian daytime talk show hosts (yes, there is such a thing), and elbow patches on twill.

The reaction of my classmates was wonderful! They even laughed about the elbow patches. They understood me; they felt as though I understood them. It was intoxicating.

That was the day I knew I had to be a Writer.

Though it took me a few more degrees and a whole bunch of years to realize I actually could…and still feed my children regularly.

As of May 12, 2015, The following are some of the reasons I write:

  • To communicate, clearly and carefully
  • To freeze time and mould it
  • To have the chance to go through moments one time and then run backwards through them again to smooth over the confusion – to perfect slowly this slippery thing of human communication
  • To meet people and get to know them (you)
  • To educate
  • To share the stories that bubble up and out and over again – and to connect other women with their own bubbling pots of story
  • To inspire
  • To confound, confuse and alarm —> only to – at the last moment – pull the thread that connects the things that will bring the clarity, connection and comfort that was there all along.
  • Trickery! And the fun of it.
  • To empower
  • I write because I can’t dance very well.
  • I will never make the basketball team (I’m 35 and 5 foot nothing)
  • I won’t be a famous folk singer after all – not for a lack of trying in garage bands and at Carnegie Hall – but I still *need* to share my Voice, no matter its burrs and flaws, in order to know myself and the world around me.
  • I write because it’s necessary, and because I can.
  • And I write because it’s frivolous and because it’s impossible.
  • I write these days to show women how joyful writing can be. It’s become an obsessive, viral thing in me – incubating and spreading – I hope – to all of you.

Thank you for showing up each week to hear the words I drop into the white space, and a GREAT BIG thank you to all of you who have spent this week thinking and writing about writing too.

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Thanks again for being here with me each week! I truly do enjoy speaking with you and helping you – as best I can.

So I suppose that answers the “Why I Write” question, doesn’t it? As for what I’m crafting next? After the 6 week course I’m teaching, I have another great blogging tool I’m cooking up for you – but you’ll have to wait for more on that 😉

In the meantime, keep coming back each week (or sign up for freebies and updates), because I’m still going to be crafting those too.


Kris With a K | Writing Coach