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“I have a great story, but I’m just not a Writer!” | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | April 14, 2015

I’ve heard this from too many intelligent, well-spoken women over the years. And it drives me bonkers, because you ARE a writer. You may not be a professional writer; you may not even be a proficient writer (yet), but you are a writer. Writing is simply the act of communicating with words on purpose. The rules and…

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Your Readers’ Dirty Laundry can Spark-up Your Writing | Free Printable | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | March 17, 2015

Stop Being so Smart! You heard me. I want you to stop being so darn smart and clever all the time, kitten. Because your readers don’t want you to show them how smart you are. They don’t want your big-words or your clever turns of phrase. They want your empathy. Yup. That’s the truth. Think about…

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How Can an Elephant Plan my Day? | FREE Printable Day Planner | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | February 24, 2015

You may not think a Day Planner has much to do with Training Elephants, but… You have to learn how to train elephants with kindness and understanding before you can use this Day Planner. First of all, I have to give credit for this idea where it’s due. I first heard of this metaphor (you…

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When you Finish a Project, You’re Actually Building Willpower | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | February 11, 2015

It’s Life Changing. It feels good like the second-to-last bite of a big café cupcake good (second-to-last, because there’s still one more bite left to look forward to, but you’ve had enough that you can slow down and savour it). That’s good, Kitten. Looking at a creative project that you’ve completed – especially a long, difficult one…

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You Need to Stop Saying This to Yourself, if you Want to Succeed |Free Printable | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | February 3, 2015

I know that I am usually the first to tell women to speak up. In fact, it’s my great big reason for being in this business…but today I have to tell you to shut up. I want you to stop telling yourself that you aren’t a “doer”, as if it’s some kind of magical ability some people are born…

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My Marketing Plan is All Done…and Other Lies We Tell | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | January 20, 2015

My Marketing Plan is NOT all done. And yours isn’t either. Seriously. Even if you have a nice, neat document with your Great Big Why, One Major Goal, Effective Outcomes and Specific Tasks all laid out and scheduled on a beautiful Vision Board, it is still not finished. Click to Tweet – Your 2015 Marketing Plan won’t…

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How to actually keep your 2015 Biz Plans *Hint* Accountability is the key! | Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | January 6, 2015

My latest series – Brand Plan 2015 – is wrapping up this week, and that means it’s time for the hard part: Following Through With all the Awesome Plans!!!  Weeeeeeee! FUN! Right? Nope. Not fun, kitten. This is not a fun time. I’m an idea generating machine over here. You know this; I lament it often. I…

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A Pretty way to Get your Plans from Paper to Productivity| Kris With a K | Writing Coach

By KrisWithaK | December 16, 2014

I hope you noticed the Alliteration in that title, kitten. I’m quite proud of it. I’m also pretty proud of how my #BrandPlan2015 month has gone so far. I’ve managed to define my #GreatBigWhy, and hopefully convinced you to do so as well. I’ve used a quarterly Outcome-Strategy-Task worksheet (that you can use too) to figure out…

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